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Green Lentils Chtoura 800g


Lentils are considered healthy foods because they contain many nutrients, including one
Proteins: Lentils are the second most protein-rich legume
Dietary fiber: Lentils contain abundant amounts of fiber, which contribute to lowering cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of diabetes and colon cancer, as it facilitates the excretion of waste from the digestive system in addition to being rich in fibers that are not dissolved in water, and thus it contributes In reducing the risk of constipation.
Various minerals and vitamins: Lentils contain many minerals, such as: iron, which helps reduce the feeling of fatigue, zinc, which is an important mineral for the manufacture of proteins in the human body, and the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, nucleic acids, and potassium, which reduces the harmful effects of salts And it reduces blood pressure in the body

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